Shortly About Me

Angela graduated with a BFA in painting and drawing from the San Francisco Art Institute. While in art school, she discovered encaustic painting, which became one of her primary focuses. She feels that the transparent layers of bee's wax act as a metaphor for the fleeting experiences of everyday life and offer an opportunity to examine the relationship between perceived experience and reality.

After graduation, she had the opportunity to travel to Hangzhou, China, to study Chinese painting and traditional arts. After completion of the program, she received a certificate in Chinese painting and continued to practice related techniques and art forms.

While on a trip to her home-town in Great Britain, Angela attended a show of ancient Roman mosaics. Intrigued by the possibility of referencing this ancient art form in a contemporary way, she began the transition from painting to mosaics. She currently aims to bring a modern interpretation to such an ancient method and to help break down the stigma associated with mosaic work as craft rather than art.

Angela's art is represented in private homes and public locations throughout the U.S. and Europe.